Frequently Asked Questions

This section answers the frequently asked questions we get.  If your question is not listed below, please e-mail us at or give us a call at (732) 221-1038, or contact us online.

How to Order?

We specialize in Custom Gourmet Cake Pop and offer an easy online ordering. You can browse our online selection of Classic and Ready Custom designs for quick ordering. Otherwise, if you saw a picture online or have a theme for your party, contact us and we will be happy to work with you to finalize the details.

For online orders, you will be prompted to fill your flavor preference and other details at the checkout form. A minimum of one dozen per order and one flavor/one design per dozen applies.

While sometimes it's possible to fulfill an order with less than 48hrs notice, we highly recommend 2 weeks notice for all orders. This allows us enough time to work on the design concept, and gather all the supplies needed.


Our pricing depends on the customization and complexity of the design.

  • Basic designs: Sprinkles, drizzles, etc - starting at 2$

  • Custom designs: Shaped, multicolors, etc - Starting at 3$

  • Deluxe design: Hand painted, Chocolate fondant motifs, etc - Starting at 4$

  • Premium cake flavors: Additional 6$-12$/Dz depending on flavor.

We also offer accessories to decorate our boxes and cake pops for an additional cost.

  • Straws or other decorative sticks - starting at 6$/Dz

  • Ribbons for each pops: 6$/Dz

  • Decorated box with ribbons - 3$/Box

  • Decorated box with Tags and individual messaging - 3$/Box, and ribbons - 5$/Box.

What cake flavors do you have?

We offer a variety of Classic and Premium cake flavors throughout the year, as well as seasonal and limited time flavors. 

  • Classic cake flavors: Red velvet, Chocolate, Vanilla, White and Yellow cakes, Chocolate Peppermint, Chocolate Orange, Cinnamon Bun.

  • Premium cake flavors: Vanilla Bean, Lemon Bar, Caramel Apple, Banana Nut.

  • Seasonal/ Limited flavors: Gingerbread, Key Lime, Pumpkin Spice, S'mores.

Is there a minimum order? 

Yes, all of our orders are per dozen.  So a minimum is a dozen cake pop, or cake pop box. Also a minimum of one cake flavor/design per box applies.

What is the size of a Hunny Do cake pop? 

The cake pops themselves are about 1 oz each (~30g) and closely resembles a ping pong ball.

What type of packaging they come in?

All of our orders come in a carry/display cake pop box as a standard pakaging. Each box holds a dozen of cake pops, easily transportable, and can serve as a stand if needed at your party. We also offer multiple tiered and flat stands in different sizes for rental, ideal for large gatherings (Weddings, Holidays and corporate parties, etc).

We also offer individual wrap packaging, Individualized tags, Thank you tags, etc., at an additional fee. Call for more information.

How long do our cake pops last?

Well In our house, not very long!

Cake pops stay fresh for up to two weeks at room temperature. Refrigeration extends their shelf life. We do our best to make your order the day prior to pick-up/delivery for optimal freshness, but cases of large orders we have to start 6-7 days in advance. 

Warning: Avoid keeping cake pops in direct sunlight and away from sources of high heat as they both tend to melt the chocolate exterior. 

Do we deliver? 

Yes, we can deliver to your house or event location.  Delivery prices depend on the traveled distance, and any needed set-up and pick-up of rental stands.

Do we ship cake pops? 

Unfortunately, we cannot, but you can.  Just be sure to use ice packs in the summer months to prevent melting.  Remember the exterior shell is chocolate after all.

Do we work with event planners and wedding venues?

Absolutely we do!  We cater to both large and small events and work especially close with event planners to make sure all your needs are met.